Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spotlight: TABLO

AKA Daniel Armand Lee (Left): rapping, vocals, songwriting, composing, programming

Tablo, a third of the Korean Indie Hip Hop group- Epik High, is a popular figure in music and television. He was recently interviewed about his views on the new digital front of the music industry. He mentions the advantage of the high-performance cell phones in Korea. Everyone is using their cell phones to access digital music, which he considers " not only easy, it’s actually the only way." Koreans also only pay about 10-20 songs for around 5 USD. Would you buy music for $.50 per song?? Check it out the full article here.


  1. love tablo!

    i already buy my music on itunes... but i would totally buy more if they were as cheap as they are in korea!

  2. love that song!! so catchy :D

    btw~ check out my new jewelry collection called Midnight Star in Paris if you have time ;)