Friday, December 2, 2011

Annual Christmas Potluck

340 Curry Student Center

Who: YOU
Where: 340 CSC
When: December 8th, 2011 6PM-8:30PM
How: 잘

Finals are coming up and what's better than taking a small break from this academic chaos with good people and good food?
Nothing. B|

So join us for our christmas potluck!
There will be food, games, activities, a movie and YOUR chance to vote for YOUR freshmen representative for SPRING 'TWELVE.

REMEMBER: MUST BRING FOOD or else you GET NO FOOD jk, half jk.
Tentative games: Poker, GO-Stop, Monopoly Deal
Movie: Home Alone

Freshmen rep: You will be representing the freshmen class, delivering any concerns, questions or suggestions to eboard. Rallying the freshmen together, you will be the umma or appa of the freshmen class :). You will be an official member of eboard and will attend our eboard meetings helping to manage and plan events for KASA.

1. Leadership experience
2. Exposure to the the logistics of operating a club/organization
3. FUN! Network with the freshmen class as well as upperclassmen
4. Your level of coolness will up by 5 levels--no 7 levels.

Nominations are now open!
Email us at

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